Ready for Green Living?

Evaluate Energy Efficiency

For new construction home buyers, there are several builders that offer ENERGY STAR homes that are certified by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to be at least 15% more energy efficient than a standard home.

Homeowners doing renovations, additions or new construction are working with their build team – architect, general contractor, subcontractors, interior designers and other professionals – to create the construction plans for their home with a view towards sustainability and energy efficiency.

By thinking or designing around sustainability and energy efficiency in advance, homeowners will benefit through energy cost savings, improved indoor air quality, all-season comfort as well as boost the resale value of your home when it comes time to sell. As an energy efficient home uses less energy, this is a natural way to help the environment.


Sustainable Building Materials and Technologies Analysis

Environmental and Earth Friendly

Green Living is more than just energy efficiency. It incorporates efficiency with conservation.

Our Sustainable Design Consulting - Materials and Technologies Analysis - assists homeowners to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle in the development of your renovation, addition or new construction.

As a member of the USGBC, New Jersey Chapter, we work closely with you and your build team to understand your lifestyle, conservation objectives, and your home design. We will analyze the following areas to recommend specific sustainable building materials and technologies for your home.

  1. Energy Efficiency – Windows, Heating and Cooling, Insulation, Air Sealing, Lighting, and Appliances
  2. Indoor Air Quality – Formaldehyde-free, No or Low-VOC, Solvent-free, Low-toxic, Hypo-allergenic
  3. Natural Resources Conservation – Sustainable Building Materials, Recycled or Salvaged
    Products, Water Management

Our analysis helps the homeowners to quantify the purchase prices, the estimated operating costs, as well as the
impact on the environment. By analyzing the Total Cost of Ownership, the homeowner can make a more informed
decision which best meets their objectives.


Will it cost a lot of green for me to go green?

Go Solar

Green Living does not have to be difficult nor expensive! The goal is to build a home that is comfortable, incorporates the green lifestyle, while being economical to operate as well.

For some homeowners, changing out the light bulbs in their home from incandescent to compact fluorescent or start a recycling regiment could be an inexpensive and easy first step towards being green.

Other homeowners innately understand the benefits of going green. For them, it is just a matter of knowing what options are available, and the pros and cons of those options, to allow them to make the best purchase decision. For example:

  • Some products are less expensive to purchase up front, but more expensive to operate over their lifecycle,
    figuring in energy costs, maintenance and replacement costs.
  • Others may cost more to purchase up front, but save real dollars on lifecycle costs.  Therefore, there is a
    payback period that can be calculated and evaluated.
  • Others may cost more to purchase, and don’t save money, but are healthier, increase comfort, or more


Renovation of Historical Home

How do I go green with my historical home?

You don't have to sacrifice the integrity or preservation elements of your historical home in order to go green.

We will provide best practices to help you reduce energy and water utilization, reuse existing building materials like doors, windows, and even molding trim, and to recycle your demolition materials through local resources.


How do you work with my architect or general contractor?

Green Living Solutions can work jointly with you and/or your build team, depending on your requirements
and the progress of your construction.

Green Home Architectural Blueprint
  • Architectural Plans – if you are currently working with your architect in the design and the layouts of your home, Green Living Solutions can work with your architect on site orientation, landscaping concepts, or sustainable materials recommendations.
  • Ready to Bid – if you have completed your architectural plans, you can include our tailored Sustainable Analysis as part of your bid package. Most general contractors or specialty sub-contractors, such as heating and cooling or plumbing, may not have the experience or knowledge with new sustainable materials or technologies. Our analysis saves the contractors and homeowners countless hours of research by providing the specific distributor, supplier and support information.
  • In Construction Process – not to worry, we can still provide an analysis that helps you move towards green living at this stage. However, any new materials or technology selection must be discussed and agreed
    upon with your contractor to ensure a successful implementation. Even items as simple as checking up on
    insulation installers by using infrared imaging scans is extremely useful, and pays for itself many times over.

All construction uses materials and resources and has an impact on the environment.
Making educated decisions on materials and technology, with an eye towards sustainability can yield tremendous results.
You can keep the environment safe today, and leave it in better condition for our children tomorrow.

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