Green Living Solutions

Green Living Solutions, the exciting home performance, green home, sustainable business consulting group, will help you discover
the best ways to Save Energy, $ave Money, Save the Planet.

Thanks to former Vice President Al Gore, the Green Movement is finally entering mainstream America. With the continual rise in energy costs, homeowners are urgently seeking new ways to be energy efficient, to lower energy costs, and to live healthier, more sustainable lifestyle.

If you are one of the many people who are ready to take the next step towards being green, yet not sure where to begin.

Green Living Solutions can show you how with step-by step methods and means, clearly and simply.

For most homeowners, the first step is a comprehensive Energy Audit. (For more information, see Saving Energy)

Energy Audit Green Build
  1. Our trained and certified energy consultants will come to your home to conduct an in-depth energy audit.
  2. Our auditors will utilize various diagnostic tools to determine areas of inefficiencies in your home.
  3. After the energy audit, we will walk you through your tailored comprehensive assessment with recommendations, solutions and easy-to-implement steps, and how much money you could be saving each month simply by fixing these inefficiencies.
  4. We will also advise you on available financial incentives and rebate opportunities for energy efficiency and renewable energy installations, including ENERGY STAR® appliances and options for trading renewable certificates (“green tags”).
Green Living Solutions will then work on your behalf implement home performance improvements to reduce energy, water and other utilities usage. Many of the improvements are simple, inexpensive solutions that could drastically reduce your energy bills! (For more information, see Saving Money)
  1. Air Sealing to reduce air leaks between the interior and exterior of the home
  2. Insulation that works efficiently to keep the cold air out in the winter and hot air in the summer
  3. Heating and Cooling system optimization to promote comfortable living during any season
  4. Solar panels to generate electric, heat your hot water, or outdoor lighting
  5. Moisture Control to improve a home's overall energy efficiency
For homeowners in the process of a renovation, addition or new construction, Green Living Solutions will work cohesively with you and your build team (architect, general contractor, subcontractors, and other real-estate professionals) to advise on the sustainability, energy efficiency, and air quality musts for a green home. (For more information, see Going Green)
  1. We will meet with you and your build team to discuss in detail your objectives for a eco-friendly, green home
  2. We will then evaluate and analyze your architectural plans to be utility-efficient
  3. The final step is tailoring your very own "green living solutions" - sustainable or green building products, materials and technologies -
    to meet your needs, objectives, and budget!
"A Negawatt from efficiency is better than a Megawatt from a renewable."

Let Green Living Solutions help you to be an important part of the solution! Contact us today!