Energy Savings Tips
Energy Savings Tips

Top Ten Sustainable Holiday Tips - Have a Great Holiday Season while being Green!

Top Ten Home Energy Savings Tips - To Reduce Energy Use Without Sacrificing Comfort

Ways to Save Energy
  • Switch to Compact Fluorescent: Replace your four most-used 100-watt incandescent bulbs with four comparable 23-watt compact fluorescent bulbs. This saves you @ $82 over a three-year period. If all U.S. households did this, we would save as much energy as is produced by thirty power plants annually. Remember to use dimmers and timers for your indoor lighting and motion detectors on your outdoor lighting.
  • Use an automatic thermostat: To coordinate indoor climates with your family's daily and weekly patterns. Keep your thermostat at energy efficient and comfortable setting during the day and turn the heat down at night. This saves approximately 1% for every degree of night setback. Raise your thermostat during the summer. Use ceiling or other types of fans, which better circulates the cool air through your home to cut down on energy usage for air conditioners.
  • Clean or replace filters monthly, or as needed. Maintain your heating and air conditioning equipment with a professional tune-up annually. Remember, cooling and heating accounts for
    about 50% of the average family's energy bill and dirty filters can greatly affect the heating and
    cooling ability of your equipment and waste valuable energy and fuel.
  • Set the Right Temperature
  • Set your water heater temperature to 120 degree: Remember that heating the water
    in your water tank takes up 15% your entire home energy usage! More importantly, 40 to 60%
    of that is simply to heat up the water in the tank while not in use by your family! Better yet, replace
    your hot water heater with tankless (on-demand) system when your existing tank reaches its
    end of life (usually between 7-10 years).
  • Wrap your water heater in fiberglass insulation: to reduce heat loss by 25 to 45%.
    If you are not handy around the house, call an energy professional for assistance.
  • Run clothes washer, dryer, and dishwasher when it is a full load: This saves water,
    along with energy. Remember to use cold water when washing clothes to save even more.
    Better yet, on sunny days, try using the clothesline instead of the dryer.
  • Go with a low-flow showerhead and reduce water consumption and energy used to
    heat the water! A quality low-flow showerhead uses only 1 to 2 gallons of water instead of
    8 gallons per minute with a regular showerhead. You will hardly notice a difference, except on
    your utility bills!
  • Turn off your lights and unplug your electronic equipment, even when not in use,
    even your phone or laptop chargers!
  • Weather-strip your doors, windows, fireplaces, and even outlets to stop hot and
    cool air from leaking out of your house. You can stop drafts and create a cozier home with
    lower energy bills!
  • Don't Delay! Schedule a Home Energy Audit Today!